Madeira Mystery

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My former colleague, Johnny Strand, works at a cruise ship, and on new year's eve 2005, his boat was in Madeira. During the evening, he was using the movie recording feature on his digital camera (Olympus mju 350), to capture the mighty fireworks.

At the time, he didn't have the necessary software to play back the movie. He first got to see it in the summer later that year, and then he saw that he had got more than what could be expected...

Click on the links further down to watch the footage in either Windows Media Player or QuickTime.

READ THIS FIRST: This footage proves NOTHING ELSE other that some weird things are happening. This page is not intended to convince anyone about anything. It is up to each one of you to watch it and make up your own opinion. It clearly is a UFO in the proper meaning of the word, namely an unidentified, flying object.

It really could be anything, maybe Santa styled his carriage? To be honest, it looks like a rollercoaster car on the loose. Intergalactic, that is.

Well, here is the footage, the UFO swishes by at approximately 10 seconds, but you can also notice several flying spots in the background:   (Apple QuickTime, free download here)
madeiramystery.wmv   (Windows Media Player v9 or better)

Here is a still-frame sequence from the movie.

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